Most pet owners admit that their pets make it more difficult to keep the house clean. Here are 6 of the best cleaning tips for pet owners.

1. One of the Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners is to Keep Your Animals Clean

Keep your pets neatly groomed to eliminate some of the dirt and hair that ends up in your home. Most cats keep themselves clean, so this tip mainly applies to dog owners.

  • Wash dogs outside to keep wet fur out of your bathroom.
  • Most cats and dogs love to be brushed, but this should also be done outdoors.
  • Long-haired dogs should be taken to the groomer regularly for haircuts.
  • Use special shedding tools that gently groom the pet’s undercoat.

2. Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Regardless of how often you bathe your animals, you will have pet hair inside your home, especially on your upholstery.

  • Use a small hand-vacuum on your furniture at least weekly.
  • Any type of tape will pick up animal fur. A lint roller works well, too.
  • Adhesive sheets are available that are designed to remove pet hair from furniture.

3. Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners to Eliminate Pet Odors

Have some enzyme-based, odor neutralizing sprays on hand for accidents and other pet odors. One of the easiest cleaning tips for pet owners to get rid of odors in upholstery or carpet is to use baking soda. Just sprinkle it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and vacuum it off.

4. Protect Your Furniture

There are a few cleaning tips for pet owners to help reduce the amount of pet hair that gets on your furniture.

  • Use baby gates to keep dogs out of certain rooms.
  • Purchase covers for sofas and chairs made specifically for protecting them from pet hair.
  • Certain natural essential oils repel dogs and will keep them off your furniture. You can make your own spray by mixing essential oils with water or purchase bitter apple spray. Pets hate the taste and smell of bitter apple.

5. Keep Their Food Area Clean

Some pets are messy eaters. Put a mat under food and water bowls to keep your floors clean. This cleaning tip for pet owners helps to contain those little bits of food and splashes of water that come from their bowls.

6. Maintaining the Litter Area

Granules of cat litter always find their way out of the box. One of the best cleaning tips for pet owners to keep loose litter from being tracked through the house is to place a large rug under the litter box. Sweep or vacuum the area regularly to keep litter contained in one area.

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