If you are preparing to list your home for sale, you may have a lengthy list of tasks that require your attention. You may feel overwhelmed or stressed, so adding another step to your to-do list could initially seem like a bad idea. However, after you learn how a pre-listing home inspection can benefit you as a seller, you’ll likely want to schedule one before putting your home on the market.

Important Things to Know About a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

While your property’s layout, style, and location are focal points for most buyers, the condition of the home is also important. Buyers that are looking for a fixer-upper usually also want a discounted price for a property that is in poor condition. However, most buyers want to find the perfect home that is move-in ready. They do not want to take on a long to-do list of items that the seller has overlooked or chosen not to fix.

A pre-listing home inspection report includes similar information to the inspection that the buyer orders, so defects will be revealed either before the home is listed or after the buyer has placed an offer. These are some of the essential reasons why you should order a pre-listing home inspection soon.

1. Get a Head Start

Despite the fact that a home inspection is usually optional, most buyers choose to order this inspection and review the report. They will learn about the property’s true condition and they may initiate negotiations to have some repair issues addressed before closing. When the seller has this knowledge ahead of time, he or she can proactively address major concerns. This can help reduce time-consuming negotiations in the middle of the sales process.

2. Identify Hidden Defects

Because you may have lived in your home for many years or even decades, you may assume that you know all about your property’s condition. While a buyer of a pre-owned home typically understands that the home will not be in brand-new condition, the property will still be scrutinized for flaws during the sales process. There may be several significant issues that you’re not aware of as the owner. Before you list your home, you should have a clear understanding of its condition. A pre-listing home inspection gives you the information that you need to remain in control of the sales process.

3. Present the Property in the Best Light

Significant issues related to the foundation, plumbing, mold or pest infestation, electrical system, and other major components may cause some buyers to walk away from the transaction. These issues may also prevent you from getting a reasonable offer on the home. Many sellers are eager to get a quick offer at or above their asking price, but property condition can interfere with your ability to achieve this goal. By addressing issues identified in the inspection report before listing the home for sale, you are able to present your home in the best light from day one.

4. Focus on What’s Important

It is not reasonable for a seller to address every single repair and maintenance item identified in an older home. However, you need the property to be in reasonably good condition so that a buyer is comfortable with making a purchase. A property inspection report classifies repair and maintenance issues under several categories, and these categories help you to determine where to focus your attention. This can save you time and money as you prepare to list your home for sale.

Ordering a pre-listing home inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance. However, now that you understand the many benefits that a pre-listing inspection report provides, you’ll see that this report can save you time and money throughout the entire sales process.

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