The holiday season is upon us, and many families are already pulling their holiday decorations out of storage. If you are planning on decorating your home, use these five safe holiday decorating tips to prevent an accident.

1. Stock Up On LED Lights For Safe Holiday Decorating

It wouldn’t be the holidays without string lights. If you need to buy new lights because your old ones are worn, frayed, or have broken bulbs, opt for LED lights this year.

LED lights are more energy efficient, so there isn’t as much of a concern about overloading your circuits. Also, LED lights produce very little heat, which makes them less of a fire hazard than regular bulbs.

2. Cover Your Cords

To make sure that you are practicing safe holiday decorating techniques, always use a rug or a small carpet to cover cords that run across the floor. You’ll likely have people visiting your home and you don’t want them to trip on the cords and suffer injuries as a result. To help keep the cords together under the rug, bundle them with a zip tie or tape.

3. Only Burn Wood In the Fireplace

After opening gifts, some families burn the wrapping paper in the fireplace. This is not a recommended way to dispose of your wrapping paper. Placing it in the fireplace poses a serious flash fire hazard because of how quickly paper burns.

A better way to dispose of your wrapping paper is to toss it into the paper recycling bin. If portions of your wrapping paper are still intact with no tears, reuse those sections for next year’s gifts.

4. Place Your Tree Carefully

Your tree brings the entire family together. Before decorating your tree, plan its placement very carefully in your home. For safe holiday decorating, your tree shouldn’t be placed near any candles, fireplaces, space heaters, or other heat sources.

Keep your tree watered frequently so that its dry branches don’t become a fire hazard. Also, carefully inspect any strings of lights you are hanging on the tree and make sure they are in perfect condition.

5. Use Plastic Ornaments

The ornaments on your tree are beautiful yet fragile. Everyone has picked up ornaments from the floor that have fallen because someone bumped into the tree or they were knocked off by curious toddlers and pets. While glass ornaments are gorgeous, they are also dangerous if they break.

Plastic ornaments are a better option for safe holiday decorating. Plastic ornaments are painted and designed to be just as shiny and sparkly as glass ornaments while remaining unbreakable. They also last longer since they’re tough to break. Make sure all ornaments are large enough to not be a choking hazard for small children and pets.

Riverview Home Inspection wishes you a happy and safe holiday season. We offer home inspections to Riverview, FL, and the surrounding areas.