Save Water at Home These Ways

It’s a good idea to pay attention to how much water your family uses at home and try to conserve it. When you take steps to save water at home, you’re not only helping the environment, you’ll also likely see lower utility bills.

1. Install Low-Flow Fixtures to Save Water at Home

One tip to save water at home that’s low cost and high reward is to install low-flow fixtures. The EPA labels these fixtures “WaterSense” so it is easy to narrow down your options. A standard showerhead uses about 2.5 gallons per minute, but a WaterSense showerhead meets the EPA’s criteria of under 2 gallons per minute. When you install these products, you’ll save water at home without even changing your habits.

2. Don’t Wash Things By Hand

It takes more water to wash certain items by hand instead of using a machine. This applies to dishes and your car. Washing a full load of dishes in the dishwasher uses less water than washing them by hand. This is particularly true if you have an ENERGY STAR® dishwasher. Washing your car with a hose can use over 100 gallons of water, but commercial car washes recycle the water so they only use an average of 9-15 gallons per wash.

3. Invest in a Rain Barrel

While you should not drink or bathe with rainwater, there are many other uses for it. Attaching a rain barrel to your downspout is a great way to collect and use rainwater to hydrate your plants and garden. You can also use it to wash off your deck or patio and save water at home.

4. Use a Watering Can

Using a watering can instead of a garden hose is a more conservative way to water your plants. Choosing drought-resistant plants like succulents for your garden is another way to reduce water use in your landscaping.

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