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Inspections and Other Services

At Riverview Home Inspections, LLC, we observe InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for our inspection services.

Standard Riverview Home Inspection

Our Certified Professional Inspector will work with you, the homebuyer, to provide personalized service and the knowledge you need to make a smart decision. Our standard home inspection covers the accessible areas of a residential property that can be visually inspected, including the following:


This includes gutters, downspouts, and penetrations such as chimneys and skylights.


This includes doors, windows, steps/stairways, railings, patios/decks, and features that may allow moisture to impact the home’s structure


This includes Basement, Foundation, & Structure




This includes water and fuel supply shut-off valves; water-heating equipment; fixtures and faucets; toilets; sinks, tubs, and showers; drain, waste, and vent system; and sump pumps.


This includes panelboards, circuit breakers, and fuses; switches and fixtures; built-in appliances; and smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.


Including chimneys.

Attic, Insulation & Ventilation

This includes insulation and ventilation in unfinished spaces, and mechanical exhaust systems.

Doors, Windows & Interior

This includes floors, walls, and ceilings; stairways/steps, landings, and ramps; railings/handrails; and garage doors.

inspection services


After the inspection, you will receive a digital, full-color, image-filled report that clearly illustrates and describes the inspector’s findings. In many cases video is included, especially when a buyer can’t be there in person to accompany the inspector during the appointment. Our inspector takes the time to make maintenance suggestions and to answer any questions during and after the appointment. You can rest assured that John’s decades of mechanical experience and home inspection knowledge qualify him to identify problems and propose solutions.



Pre-Listing Inspection

Putting your home on the market? Learn about your property’s weaknesses before a potential buyer does. Pre-listing inspection services give sellers the knowledge they need to price their home so that it won’t sit on the market. This type of inspection also gives sellers the opportunity to make their own repairs before a potential buyer can be turned off by a defect or potential problem.

General Pool and Spa Inspection

A pool or spa can be an asset or a liability. Riverview Home Inspection, LLC can assess its condition, identifying any issues related to its operation, mechanics, or electrical features. We also evaluate water quality to ensure that your pool or spa is free of anything that might endanger your family’s health, such as bacteria or algae.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Living in Florida means preparing for high winds. Is your home equipped to survive hurricane season? There are steps you can take to mitigate damage and protect your family, and Riverview Home Inspections, LLC can help you plan a course of action. Your insurance company may even offer you a discount for installing wind-mitigating features such as water barriers and structural reinforcements.

4-Point Inspection

This type of inspection is a quick examination of the four basics: heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC); electrical; plumbing; and roof. A 4-point inspection is often requested by insurance companies when a homeowner needs a new policy or is trying to get a better insurance rate. Note that a 4-point inspection is not a substitute for a standard home inspection, but it does provide the information desired by insurers.

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Military and Other Special Offers

Veteran-owned Riverview Home Inspection, LLC offers a $25 discount to other veterans or active-duty military. Clients age 60 and over also enjoy $25 off. (Only one special offer may be applied per customer.)