The electrical system is a vital component of your home, but it can also be a dangerous one. Signs of electrical problems can point to a fire hazard in the home. Pay attention to unusual occurrences with your lights and electrical outlets. In most cases, it’s a good idea to bring in an electrician to inspect any abnormalities that you notice. 

Loose Outlets are Signs of Electrical Problems

If a plug feels loose when plugged into an outlet, or falls out of the outlet, it should be addressed. A loose outlet usually has loose wiring behind it. If the wires shake free from the outlet, they become a fire hazard because they are not connected. If any outlets are loose, stop using them and have an electrician fix them.

Breakers Tripping Frequently

Sometimes, a faulty appliance or device causes a breaker to trip. However, if this happens when plugging in various electronics, it is more likely to be happening because the circuit is overloaded. You might need an electrician to add a new circuit to handle the load. 

Sparks Coming From the Outlet

Another one of the signs of electrical problems is a sparking outlet. It could mean that the wiring has been exposed to water or that there is a short in the circuit. Either way, it is a dangerous problem that needs to be addressed before it starts a fire. You may notice sparks when you are plugging in or unplugging a cord.

Flickering Lights Can Be Signs of Electrical Problems

Flickering lights can signify a minor or major problem. One light may be flickering due to a faulty light fixture, which can be fixed by replacing the fixture. However, if all the lights in one room or throughout the house are flickering, it is one of the more serious signs of electrical problems. It could be an issue with the circuit load or loose connections. 

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