It is important as a homeowner to realize that home maintenance and safety includes all aspects of the home and yard, including the family swimming pool. Keeping up with routine pool maintenance, even during the off-season, is a critical part of home safety. Far too many accidents happen when homeowners are negligent with their swimming pools, both above-ground and in-ground models. Here are some home safety and maintenance tips regarding swimming pool safety.

Fencing for Swimming Pool Safety

In most states, it is mandatory for homes with swimming pools to have some sort of protective fencing to keep children from wandering into the yard and accessing the pool unattended. Most states have laws that state any property with a pool must have a privacy fence around the perimeter of the yard.

Pool upkeep and maintenance means a regular inspection of the fence to ensure it forms a proper perimeter around the yard and keeps out unwanted guests or children passing by. Inspecting the fence includes looking for loose planks that can be moved aside and repairing any damages noticed. Maintenance also includes monitoring the latching device on the fence to make sure it keeps the gate securely closed.

To take safety up a notch, some homeowners elect to have a separate barrier around the actual pool itself. An additional barrier around an in-ground pool is considered a wise precaution for families with young children who play in the backyard. This type of secondary fencing helps prevent children from accidentally falling into the pool while playing in the yard surrounding the pool.

Upkeep on secondary fencing is also important and can save lives. Part of home maintenance and safety includes making sure all latches and gates are in proper working order and that the fencing is secure enough to keep children from accessing the pool in any way. By taking the time to inspect fencing, homeowners are proactive in ensuring safety in their yards and homes.

A proper fence should be at least four feet high and not climbable from either side. The spaces between slats on a fence should never be wide enough for a child to squeeze through.

Alarm Systems on Pool Gates

An additional step to ensure proper swimming pool safety is to install a home security alarm on the opening portion of the gate. Whenever the gate is opened, the alarm will sound and alert those nearby that the pool area has been breached. Installing an alarm is simple and can further prevent accidental drownings.

Removing Ladders

One swimming pool safety tip for homeowners that is invaluable is to remove the ladder from an above-ground pool whenever the pool is not in use. By removing the ladder, children have no access to the pool and therefore have no way to accidentally fall into the pool and drown. Leaving a ladder sitting by an above-ground pool when it is unattended can have disastrous consequences.

Children are curious by nature and often love to climb. A pool ladder is too big of a temptation for children to avoid and sets the scene for disaster. It is too easy for a child to climb a pool ladder and accidentally fall into the pool and drown if the ladder is left by an unattended pool.

Drain Covers

Make sure that the pool has a proper drain covering. Each year, a homeowner should inspect the drain cover for any type of damage and replace drain covers that show damage. Improperly covered drains are a safety hazard and can lead to drowning even in adults. A typical pool drain’s suction is so powerful that even adults can get trapped and drown. Fortunately, properly covered drains can prevent accidental drownings of this kind.

Having your own home swimming pool comes with a big responsibility to keep it a safe environment for both children and adults. By taking these precautions for swimming pool safety, you can relax easier this summer.

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