You’ll see numerous benefits from decluttering and parting with unwanted or unneeded possessions, but the process can initially feel overwhelming. Deciding where to start is often the most difficult part of a bigger cleaning project. The following guide will help you figure out where to begin decluttering your home.

Different Approaches

To get started decluttering, determine which approach you will take. Some people prefer to go room by room. Another method involves sorting belongings according to the type of item. Experts recommend that you start with whatever item or space is causing you the most stress.

Whatever route you choose, it is best to tackle the project in a methodical way. A decluttering project can be organized and efficient if you break it down into manageable steps.

Decide Where Stuff Will Go

Often an organized decluttering project involves three piles: stuff to keep, stuff to donate, and stuff to throw away. Look into charities to donate the usable items that you no longer need.

For a large decluttering project, rent a dumpster to keep in your driveway. You are more likely to throw stuff away because the trash pile is easily accessible.

Get The Materials You Will Need

Certain materials are helpful for a successful decluttering project. Storage items like organization racks and plastic bins allow you to sort and store things as you work. Plenty of trash, recycling, and donation bags will help you sort the items you do not want to keep.

Deciding What To Part With

How to choose what you’ll keep and what you’ll toss is a consideration in where to begin decluttering. Ask whether you regularly use an item or ask yourself whether you truly need or truly love a particular thing.

Declutter Before You Move

Moving offers a great opportunity to declutter. If you are downsizing, you want to move into your new space with fewer things. Even if you are not downsizing, the less stuff you have, the easier your move will be.

Spend less time packing and moving by reducing your amount of possessions. Start decluttering two to three months before the move so you have time to pack and manage the other aspects of moving.

Get Help Deciding Where to Begin Decluttering

Sorting your belongings may feel overwhelming and emotionally taxing, especially if many items are sentimental to you. Having a trusted friend or family member can help you stay focused. They look more objectively at your things and will give you unbiased advice on what to keep and what to get rid of.

When deciding where to begin decluttering, go in with a plan to get the best results. As you sort things, organize them so your space is clean and you know where everything is when you’re done.

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